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Hi Tone Hearing Aids

Hearing Aids are devices that help people with hearing loss to hear well and communicate. They are of different types depending on their shape/size and the technology used.
Types of Hearing Aid Technology:
Analogue and digital hearing aids look alike, but they process sound differently. Analogue hearing aid amplify the sound signal to electrical signals and produce amplified sound. Whereas a digital hearing aid uses a processor to convert the sound signals to digital signals and produce clear, digitally amplified sounds.

Types of Hi-TONE Hearing Aids:

Hi-TONE Aids Hi-TONE Aids Hi-TONE Aids Hi-TONE Aids
Hi-TONE AidsHi-TONE AidsHi-TONE AidsHi-TONE Aids


With over 80 options available, you're sure to find the hearing aid that fits your hearing needs,


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